Upgrades for SkyWatcher Newtons

Secondary mirror spiders

Stability and high rigidity - these are the key advantages of our CNC-milled secondary mirror spiders. The high precision of the secondary mirror spiders enables a precise alignment of the secondary mirror. This is crucial for the maximum performance of your telescope and razor-sharp images. No matter if you are an experienced astrophotographer or a passionate stargazer, the robust construction of our spiders will provide a stable platform for the secondary mirror. The need to frequently adjust the secondary mirror is no longer necessary...

Primary Mirror Masks

Our CNC-machined primary mirror masks are designed to eliminate primary mirror errors such as sloping edges and shadowing as well as unwanted diffraction effects caused by retaining clips of the primary mirror. Forget disturbing artefacts around bright stars and enjoy an enhanced view of the stars.

Upgrade Sets

Enjoy an unrivalled stargazing experience with our exclusive upgrade set: the CNC-milled secondary mirror spider and aperture ring from Backyard Universe - now as an unbeatable combination with a cost advantage!

Carbon Fibre Tubes

Enhance your telescope with our exclusive carbon fibre upgrade tube. The carbon fibres provide impressive rigidity, especially in the area of the focuser, and reduce thermally induced focus drift. Benefit from improved stability, a lightweight design and significantly reduced collimation intervals.

Accessories (3D printing)

3D-printed upgrade parts - easy to install, lightweight and available for different telescopes.

Coma Corrector and Reducer

The perfect corrector for your telescope...