On this page we provide information for the installation of our products, but also for the modification and tuning of a Newtonian telescope. Optimizing a telescope is NOT a "Rocket Science" and not only reserved for experts!

With some basic skills every hobby astronomer can do it ;-)

COMING SOON - Installation of the Carbon Tube


Carbon Tube Installation

Tuning - General

Here you will find some general instructions for tuning a Newtonian telescope on the example of a Skywacther Quattro 150. The procedure for other telescopes is similar, but may differs from the one shown here due to the slightly different design of other manufacturers. The individual steps do not all have to be followed! If you only want to replace the secondary spider, you can of course skip the other steps.

Tuning Step 1: Disassembling the telescope

Tuning Step 2: Line the tube with velour

COMING SOON!!! Heater for secondary mirror

Tuning Step 3

Tuning Step 3: Install heater for secondary mirror

COMING SOON!!! Blacken parts

Tuning Step 4

Tuning Step 4: Blacken parts of the OAZ and installation of the OAZ

Tuning Step 5: Installation of the new secondary and mounting of the secondary

Tuning Step 6: Installation of the primary mirror mask and main mirror cell

Adjustment / Optimization

Instructions for cleaning, adjusting and optimizing individual components


Skywatcher Power Focuser

Skywatcher Power Focuser: Cleaning and adjusting


Cleaning the primary mirror

Primary Mirror: Cleaning

COMING SOON!!! Skywatcher AZ-EQ6

Bearing replacement

Skywatcher AZ-EQ6: Bearing replacement