About Backyard Universe

My name is Michael Klosch-Trageser, I am a graduated engineer for applied physics, amateur astronomer and founder of Backyard Universe. Starting as a hobby, it is now developing more and more into a small company where the focus is on the development and improvement of astronomical telescopes.

During my studies of laser physics and optics as well as many years of working in the field of industrial research & development, I was able to gain a lot of experience in product development, design and finite element simulation. My daily work included the optimization of machines, their components and processes using simulation-based methods as well as the development of new products, including the analysis of customers and markets and the development of a value proposition for individual products based on this analysis.

At the beginning of 2021 I decided to spend some time "actively" with astronomy and bought my first telescope, a Skywatcher Newton 200PDS, in May 2021. Already after unpacking it was clear to me that there is a huge potential for improvement in the telescope! The mechanical stability of some components did really not meet my expectations and the "First Light" confirmed this feeling.

Over the time, I began to make the first modifications to the telescope aimed at optimizing stability and image quality and eliminating cable clutter. One of the most effective modifications is the CNC machined high strength aluminum secondary mirror spiders. You can find these and other upgrades here in my webshop.

All parts are designed, calculated and also partly produced by myself. I have a small prototyping workshop, which allows me to test the stability, fitting accuracy and functionality of individual component extensively before the real series production begins.



Leave nothing to chance

Design and FEM-Simulation




Testing and Validation

DeepSky Images

A small overview of my own DeepsSky images. You can find more customer images in the customer images section.